Rapid [3/1] STI Self-Testing Kit

Our sexually transmitting infection test kits and Rapid HIV test kits are a success story. Our kits have certified FDA approval and CE approval for 98% efficacy for self-testing in-vitro devices. Since our initial launch in 2020, we have managed to market the product through an e-commerce platform in a business-to-customer venue. Our health professionals team was able to talk to consumers discreetly and directly to increase sales and provide convenience for the purchaser. We are now targeting hospitals and clinics to ensure our products can be used by all health professionals as a cost-effective alternative

Key Features

CE , FDA, ISO Approved

  • 3-in-1 home test that tests for 3 of the main causes of vaginal discomfort and odour
  • Home test for thrush, bacterial vaginosis and trichomonas
  • Easy to use with straightforward instructions
  • Non-invasive urinary test carried out in the privacy of your own home
  • Results are displayed within 15 minutes